4 Tips On Online Task Management

Online task management is more effective than conventional practices and makes more sense in an increasingly mobile world. Today, all teams working on a project are not always based within the same premises. There could be some who would be telecommuting. There can be remote workers and there can be freelancers or contractual project specific employees. Having an online interface will conveniently bring everyone on the same platform and they can work together as a team. Using cloud based tools also makes sense financially as there is little investment but there are hordes of tools in return.

However, there are some key ways to make managing projects more effective. Here are four tips to help you get the best results.

· You should have a delegating strategy. Simply because you are managing your tasks online doesn’t imply that your teams would become more proactive or would do more than what you expect. Hence, you have to delegate the apt tasks to the relevant teams. Every individual or team must know what tasks they have to do. Since new online tools often replaces traditional communication and notification, it is important to make things clear and there should be online notification systems, from alerts within the software or system to emails.

· Online task management facilitates transparency and you would do better if you make use of that. Gone are those days when all details of a project would not be made known to every team or individual working on it. Today it is necessary for you to make all details of the project known to everyone working on it. You can never know who would be of additional help or who can contribute more than what he or she is expected to deliver.

· Tagging tasks is an important tip. With online management of tasks, it is quite easy to forget who is doing what or the correlation of various tasks. Similar tasks should be tagged together so it is easier to understand them and to track them. People should be tagged with their tasks so everyone knows who’s doing what. Else, you may have some tasks undone and more than the intended team or individuals working on the same task.

· Use a good system or some software to facilitate online task management. This will help you with real time correspondence, there would be many tools at your disposal and you would be able to keep everything organized. Also, from file storage to trackers, there are many features of such software that can be of immense help.